Comprehensive Modules for Efficient All-rounded Clinic Management

DOK32 has beneficial modules for everyone running your clinic.

Administration, Clinicians, Patients, Insurance Management, Billing and HR can benefit tremendously from the DOK32 software implementation. You can eliminate loopholes in each of these sections. Improve today to plug areas that are draining your clinic’s resources daily.

Boost efficiency throughout your clinic with our simple and comprehensive

practice management system today.

Your key to an Efficient, Happier & Smarter Clinic Practice

Dok32 offers a dedicated module for every department of the clinic working tirelessly to treat patients and improve lives.

Each module improves the functionality and the fuss associated with clinic operations. The chaos can be depleting your clinic’s resources and affecting everyone involved from doctors, patients, staff members and of course clinic owners. Let’s challenge that and address every operational need that you must have felt till now. Cover every practice that demands improved attention with DOK32:

Front office

Back office





Add-on Features

There are a great deal of features that you can add to the basic DOK32 software to make it even better. DOK32 is suited for all small to large clinics. We transform the way your clinic runs. Here are some add-ons that may spark your interest even further.

Custom Backup
Additional Storage
Additional Users
Staff Training
Ancillary Services
Compliance Assistance Services



The pursuit of excellence.


Unlimited efficiency for all.


We are nearly done.

Capturing the future of technology.

After becoming one of a kind high-grade practice management platform in our industry we are still eyeing the future of technology. Here is what we have in store for you in the foreseeable future:

Emirates ID reader integration
Insurance Auditors tools
Medical Centers Additional Screens
Additional Appointments Features
New screens to allow better ortho cases management and tracking.
Building our own billing screens with basic reports.
Improved compliance management
Weekly backups
On-premise x-rays & file backups

One solution that targets every potential problem area at your clinic.

Are you ready to transform?

Yes, Let’s Eliminate loss


Nobody likes waiting at a clinic. Not even staff. Wastage of time, drainage of money, and other resources like employee sweat mean that the clinics have been struggling with a profit and efficiency blackhole since time immemorial. DOK32 changed that.

Faulty Operations


Unlocks Superior Competence



Reforming Clinics

Less than


Reduces Time Spent on Per Patient

Clinic Administrators Love DOK32

We hear amazing results on a daily basis from clinic administrations and staff.

DOK32 promises huge monetary and administrative benefits that makes it a go-to practice management system for clinic owners. But, its huge potential to reduce staff effort and time spent on menial tasks makes it a staff favorite too!

Saves time & effort

Improves job satisfaction

Reduces monotonous tasks

Reduces chances of error

Time is money, Start saving now

It is a complete clinic management software that promotes optimal efficiency levels in each phase of the patient journey. Time is valuable. Let’s help doctors, patients, and clinic staff preserve it for things that they love to do the most.

Try DOK32 for your team!

Benefits for Patients, Clinicians, Admins & Everyone Involved

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