Psychology and Psychiatry

Comprehensive Practice Management System

Discover advanced practice management technology designed expressly to align with mental health practice

workflows – from psychology and psychiatry offices to social work and addiction recovery clinics. DOK32 brings all of the functionality you need to treat patients, automate routine tasks, collaborate as a team, process forms, schedule appointments, and bill for services. And we’ve wrapped this into one affordable and accessible cloud-based application suitable for any sized practice.

Make them simpler, paperless and efficient.

Revamp your clinic and transform your efficiency levels

Efficiently manage your psychology and psychiatry practice with our module-based practice management solution. Integrate your front office, back end operations, patients and doctors together to eliminate confusions and run-time issues.

Valuable Features for psychology and psychiatry Clinics:

    Multi-Patient Appointments for group sessions

    Multi-patient charge out

    Phone Consultation Smart Scheduling for clinicians free time

    Online Appointment Booking

    Implement Cancelling Policies

    Setup Automatic pop-ups based on Appointment count

Monetary and Administrative
Benefits of DOK32

Elimination of Inefficiency Throughout Your Clinic

Get everything you need wrapped into our powerfully scalable and all-encompassing practice management solution.

    Train your workforce to reduce inefficiency. Help them save their time and effort.
    Document and manage accounting concerns easily.
    Digitize your back office operations to reduce time spent on enrolling and tracking patients.
    Allow maximum support for clinicians through charting and diagnosis tools.
    Insurance verifications, communications made easy.
    Bookings, reception desk and all front office operations optimised.

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